Merchants Deserve Better

The electronic payment processing industry is an increasingly critical component of the global economy, and it's among the most robust, fastest growing business sectors in North America. Merchants depend on reliable, affordable electronic payment services to grow their businesses.

It just isn't smart business when payment processing companies unethically and illegally cheat businesses with deceptive scams that pad their profit margins – it's also illegal. These scams are widespread today, adding up to hundreds or even thousands of lost dollars for individual merchants, and tens of millions of dollars for American businesses.

Enough! Heartland Payment Systems has been an outspoken advocate for fair, transparent and ethical credit and debit card processing practices, and we pioneered the popular interchange plus pricing model in 2006 to offer merchants transparency. Unfortunately, a number of electronic processing companies do not share these business values. Among other schemes to gouge retail customers, many competitors are getting around interchange plus pricing transparency by illegally hiding their markup fees as false bank/card interchange fee increases.


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Time To Act

The time has come to put a stop to these practices. On January 29, 2014, Heartland filed a lawsuit against one unethical competitor – Mercury Payment Systems, LLC – charging them with false advertising, unfair competition, intentional interference with contractual relations, and intentional interference with prospective economic advantage. A federal lawsuit is a serious matter, but the Board of Directors at Heartland believe that the scope, scale and audacity of Mercury's illegal and deceptive practices are so egregious that it had to take action. The suit seeks to stop Mercury's deceptive pricing practices.

Time To Get Involved

Heartland hopes this lawsuit, and this website, convince Mercury and other processing companies that may be conducting similar schemes that deceitful and illegal practices cannot continue. Ensuring a level competitive playing field in the electronic payment processing industry will provide fair, honest services to merchants, regardless of their size or financial wherewithal.

This website provides interested parties with more information about the lawsuit and the enormous impact the deceptive practices Mercury is engaging in have on American business. It also provides merchants, processors and other stakeholders with information on how to identify deceptive payment processing practices on their invoices, how to stop it, and where to go for further information on helping to create ethical, transparent business standards for the industry. If we don't do it, government regulations eventually will.